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Water Treatment and Testing

We’re talking about the water that you and your family drink every day. It’s worth it to test your existing system to insure that you have the best-tasting, cleanest water possible. By sampling, testing, and designing your system for you, we can help you to achieve these goals. Some of the most common issues that we see and problem-solve for are hard water, tannins, rotten-egg-smelling (hydrogen sulfide) water, iron, or ferrous water, manganese, turbidity or off-color water as well as heavy metals in your water. We have solutions for all these water problems and much more.

Some of the systems that we install most frequently are reverse osmosis, water softeners and sand filtration systems. We also do complete mechanical room installations, with friendly, ticketed and professional quality and service.  We are experienced in setting up your chlorine-injected system, UV disinfection system, commercial or agricultural system or even complete systems for your multi-family housing unit treatment facility. Point of use, point of entry solutions, our extensive plumbing experience means that there is no job we’re not prepared for. We are WCB insured, ticketed pump installers and plumbers.

Our experience lies in rainwater harvesting, but we also have our backflow testing certification, and are a small water systems operator. All of our certifications give us a well-rounded approach to plumbing, and as always, we are available to travel to Port Alberni or even the Gulf Islands to get your job completed properly for you, the first time.